NEW! Latest code update after the IHE NA 2012 Conectathon is now available in Downloads

Project Description
Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing XDS.b is a Microsoft Connected Health Platform Solution Accelerator based on the IHE ( XDS.b integration profile. XDS.b facilitates the registration, distribution and access across health enterprises of patient electronic information in document format.
The Solution Accelerator implements the XDS.b Document Registry with the Async option and the XDS.b Document Repository with the Async option.
The Microsoft XDS.b open source 'product' info and related Integration Statement can be accessed from the IHE Product Registry at
You can also access the IHE Connectathon results at


The Microsoft Connected Health Platform
The Microsoft Connected Health Platform (CHP) provides offerings for optimizing health information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and platform capabilities and services, including tools, solution accelerators, and prescriptive architecture, design, and deployment guidance that have been specialized for health organizations and deployments at the organization, regional, and national levels.

More information on the Microsoft CHP and related offerings can be accessed at the Health ICT Resource Center at:

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