Can anyone answer XDS basic questions ?


Question description
  1. Will stored query be predefined? I mean whether we need to store all possible stored query in
               SQL table or ER user will provide it in stored query request (in XML) ?
  2. What are ClassCode and ClassCodeDisplayName in document metadata ?
  3. What is mimeType in document metadata ?
  4. As per document, there will be two parts in patient Id in document metadata. I am not getting
               what are these two parts ?
  5. What is source patient id in document metadata ?
  6. What is difference between PatientId and Source PatientId in document metadata ?
  7. How does EntryUUID differ from uniqueId in document metadata ?
  8. What are codeList and codeListDisplayName in folder metadata ?
  9. How does EntryUUID differ from uniqueId in folder metadata ?
  10. How does EntryUUID differ from uniqueId in submission metadata ?
  11. What is Home Community ID in GetDocument method ?
  12. Does existing submission set can be used to new document registration?


EdoardoMolinaro wrote Feb 6 at 5:28 PM

Hi, I know that it's later for a reply, but I hope it will be usefull! :)
  1. mimeType indicates the type of document you are going to publish: pdf, xml, txt ecc..
  2. EntryUUID is the id of the published document on the Registry and uniqueid is the unique document identifier on the Repository in the OID format.
  3. Home Community Id must be specified in XCA profile like described here [http://www.ihe.net/Technical_Framework/upload/IHE_ITI_Suppl_XCA_Rev2-1_TI_2010-08-10.pdf]