Creating a Document Source Actor Component

Jan 29, 2009 at 8:16 AM
I'm working on extending the XDSTestHarness. I recently started writing C#.NET, but my experience with xml (serialization) in .NET is not much. Inside the ProvideAndRegisterDocumentSetRequest Class i see the following summary:

/// <summary>
/// DocumentMetadata is an XMLNode that contains all the metadata related to a submission set
/// In a real world example, this would be an object and serialisation would transform its
/// properties into the right ebXML Registry schema
/// </summary>

I tried generating classes from the IHE XSD files. I have been playing around with those, but they get me nowhere. Then when i look at the Repository / Registry solution i see all the IHEXDSCommon Classes. The names actually do make more sense, but i don't see how i could serialize those. Can anyone point me in the good direction regarding that summary?